Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Highlights from the past month or so

We've had some interesting ups and downs over the past month. Here are the highlights:
  • Our spare room (which was ceiling to floor full of the boxes we didn't really want to unpack) got cleaned out and organized. 
  • We started a "mom & me" youth book club, and held the first meeting. 
  • We had company come into town for a week. 
  • The next week my husband was out of town.  He enjoyed meeting up with his cousin for dinner, and meeting some of the people he works with in other locations.   
  • We tried out a gymnastics gym -  30 minutes away, practices 4 x wk - including Saturday.  We decided it was a little too much. 
  • We tried out the swim team at the YMCA.  
  • We've now got our eye on a running club possibly?  Still searching for the right fit for our family. 
  • We met with an allergist to figure out which drugs our daughter is allergic to (antibiotics that is).  After an hour long wait, and then a 10 minute visit, we waited for 2.5 weeks to hear back from the doctor, to tell us that he wanted to re-do the tests that we'd already done in Colorado.  I picked up her file as I began looking for other options.  One thing I love about being here is that I actually HAVE more than one option! 
  • I filled out a 45 page questionnaire to have our daughter screened for a few things, and received a phone call that  asked us to come in first thing the next morning. We did a couple of screening tests, and were referred on to a developmental ophthalmologist.  (I also learned how to spell that word correctly recently.)  Did some preliminary testing and have 3 more visits set up to determine the extent of our daughter's eyes being out of alignment, causing her double vision, no depth perception, and even crossing issues.  
  • The good news is that we can hopefully move forward with possibly some vision therapy, or something to help her get the help she needs, and begin to excel academically.  The bad news is that our insurance won't help cover the costs and they are pretty daunting.   
  • We also found a surgeon ophthalmologist and will be meeting with him for a second opinion a couple of days at the conclusion of the testing.  
  • We also found 2 new allergists that we will get to meet with.  (Did I mention how much I've been on the phone lately?)
  • We met some fun new friends who just moved to the area from the UK.  We love their accents and the way they all speak!  
  • We had the primary program this weekend.  I made it through all of the pieces on the piano.  Our daughter accompanied the kids on one song.  I was glad.  It was a tough song, and my least favorite of the whole lot (because it was the hardest one - she's gonna eclipse me very quickly!)
  • Our primary presidency is in charge of the church's "Fall Festival".  I'm not even going to go there!
  • I've been rehearsing with some fellow musicians, and have put together a sextet to play for our stake conference - so we've been practicing on Sunday afternoons.  It is so nice to have strings in the house again! 
  • Finally, this week we had a bomb drop, when the owners called to let us know that they are listing their home (the one we are renting) with a real estate agent, and selling it as a short sale.  Grrrr.  I don't think I said that loudly enough.  Did I mention she wants to come in and take photos?  GRRRR
  • This evening we entered the throes of Halloween costume construction, and I should enjoy my creative outlet the next couple of days.  The real estate lady is going to be really excited to get Halloween costume/ward party/room mother mania photos for the listing.  Serves them right I say. GRRRR
  • I guess you've got to let come what may, and love it.  GRRR 

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