Saturday, September 24, 2011

Answered Prayers

This morning, we were awakened at 3:23 am by a pounding on our front door.
We were fairly scared out of our whits.
New to the area - there's no one we could imagine who might be at our door in the middle of the night.

I kicked my husband to make sure he was going to deal with it, because there was NO way I was going to even get out of the bed - much less, answer the door.
He pulled on some clothes, turned on the light in the hall, checked to make sure both of the kids were in their beds and okay, and then went to the door.

It was the police.

Apparently, when our trash container was brought into the garage earlier that evening, our garage door had been left wide open.

I've been pondering this all day (and much of the morning while I lay in my bed trying to release the adrenaline and get back to sleep).  Is this an area where we have to worry about our home being broken into?  Was it dangerous that we left our garage door open?  Why was it important enough to get us up out of bed in the middle of the night to address it?  As I said - new to the area, we still don't know a lot about everything here. In rural Colorado, it had happened a few times, but we'd never had a late night knock on the door, and it hadn't been a big deal.

This evening I went to a church meeting, where a worldwide conference was broadcast to all women from 18+ throughout the world. There, as I listened to the speakers, one of the talks really hit me.  The last speaker, Dieter Uchtdorf spoke about how Heavenly Father knows every single one of us, and cares deeply for us.

Each evening, before we go to bed, we kneel as a family and pray together.  Generally, my kids kick out prayer #6 or 7 as we sometimes call them.  Rather than a prayer from the heart, and really showing gratitude and giving thanks, and really asking for the things we may need, sometimes they just sort of say the same thing.  However, one thing that they usually ask is to 'please bless us that we can have a good night'.  In my personal evening prayers, I also generally pray to something of that effect - 'please watch over and protect us' etc.
(but mine usually vary to some degree - no #6 or 7's here)

As I listened to an apostle of God speak tonight of Heavenly Father's love for each of His children, I was impressed that the untimely and somewhat inconvenient knock on our door last night, was an answer to our prayers - Heavenly Father was watching over and protecting us, and so he sent someone to help us (even though we didn't know that we needed help - but He knew) - he sent someone to answer our prayers.    

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Jules said...

I'm glad Heavenly Father is watching out for you guys even if it means a knock on your door in the middle of the night.