Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yesterday, we hit our pool instead of the beach, and since we live near an IKEA and have never been to one before, we decided to head over and search for a book shelf/storage system.
It was interesting. 
We had to ask directions - we couldn't figure out the concept of 'walk through, see what you like, write it down, then pick it up at the end'...

We have a crafty room.  Full of material and sewing stuff, and yarn, and all sorts of crafty stuff that our kids like to do.  
While we had some great storage closets in Colorado, we've been at a loss of how to get everything organized here.  As such, we have a room (still) full of boxes.  But, I'll be picking up this baby tomorrow and getting organized.  
Especially as we may have company coming our way. 

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