Sunday, September 11, 2011

Downtown Disney

After the science museum, we headed over to Downtown Disney. We had no idea what it actually was, but figured that since there wasn't an admission price to get in - we would check it out.
We found some really cool lego creations.
We hear that a lego land is opening in the area
Fascinating what can be made with legos...

Then we found a sandwich shop.
We were really worried that it would be TOTALLY overpriced (like the $5 hot dog stand we'd just passed)

We had THE BEST sandwiches we may have ever had at a little shop
titled "Earl of Sandwiches"
Oh My Goodness
My husband and I are still in awe over their roastbeef sandwich.

And it was only $5.99 which wasn't the highway robbery we'd been expecting.
Our daughter went for the tomato soup, and while it wasn't as good as mom's (mine) she said it was pretty darn good.

We will definitely head back there again.

We played in the splash fountain, walked through lots of shops, and more shops, and even more shops - window shopping all the way.
The we passed by a stage, where a gentleman was teaching kids dance moves.
We sat down to enjoy the entertainment.
Our kids eventually decided to join the dance lesson.
As the evening wore on, at one point, the kids brought an adult down onto the floor with them.
Guess who got to go up?
Yep. Both of us.
Then, the kids got to sit down, and judge the adults as we danced for the audience.
That was a little awkward.
My husband.
He didn't even try.
I was very disappointed.

I tried.
I was a finalist.
But I didn't win.
I'm glad I didn't win.
Some of the dances and songs they did were a little, ummm suggestive.
I don't know how (or want) to nasty dance.

But - it isn't every day you get to dance for a crowd and become a finalist!!!
It's a good thing I don't embarrass easily I guess.
It was fun, and I think my kids were pretty impressed.
Next time, I'll know though.
While my husband took a video, I won't be posting it.
I didn't mind strangers seeing it...but people I know? No way!
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