Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Please forgive my small little rant.  You've been forewarned - if you don't want to hear it, please leave now. 

I met with my daughter's principal last week, because I wasn't sure that the teacher was a good fit for her.  
Everyday she came home telling me about her teacher's punitive style: lost recesses, yelling teacher, getting after her for not writing fast enough.   

If she were a naughty kid, then I'd say - give it to her, she probably deserved it. 
But not this child.  
She's a model (with a capital M) student.  She's eager, kind, helpful, enthusiastic, and has a heart that's still mostly of gold.  She emanates goodness.  

New to the school, new to the area, with a mean teacher to boot.  How hard on a kid.  
After meeting with the principal, I met the teacher for lunch last week as we discussed some issues.  She was totally surprised that my daughter was so unhappy.  She was floored.  

Fast forward to yesterday when my daughter brought home her math test.  

It had a BIG FAT "D" in red ink across the top. 

WHO does that?  Especially to a child who is struggling academically, and trying to get up to speed on their reading (which affects everything else).  Especially to a kid in elementary school.  

It made me want to cry.    

I so want this teacher to love her and build her up, rather than shatter her finite academic self confidence.

I will begin volunteering in the classroom next week.  Hopefully, I can really observe the tone, and what's happening there, and make some decisions.  

Thank you for indulging in my rant.  Grrr


Amy said...

Oh, your poor little one! That makes me mad, too. Go get her, Mamma Bear!

Ward-a-Loo's said...

I feel for you! Moving is so hard! My daughter had problems last year moving to a new school especially with bullies and even though we tried to talk with the teacher and principal, it was a terrible year for her. I hope and pray it gets better for you both.

Caterina B said...

So sorry for little one. It's awful when a child feels bad around her teacher. It should NEVER happen.
Hope things get better.