Friday, August 26, 2011

My latest pool adventure - and chronology of my non-swimming career

I don't know if I've mentioned how much we love the beach.  We've visited the beach every single weekend since we've been here.  
We LOVE the beach.
And the water.
And the community pool. 

When I was a kid, my parents put me in swimming lessons. 
Then I had to get stitches. 
They made me go and watch the lessons. 
It was like torture. 

The next year, they put me in lessons again.  
I was in the baby class.
With the mean teachers. 
They threw you into the pool and told you to swim. 
I know other kids were way more scarred than I was. 

Then I had contacts and never wanted to get my face wet. 

Needless to say - I'm a horrible swimmer.

Fast forward to 5 weeks ago. 
While I lobbied for a pool at whatever home we chose, ultimately, I didn't get it. 

But, we have a very nice community pool 1 block away.  
I have legs and can walk.  
But sometimes I drive. 

With a trusty set of goggles, I spent one evening practicing putting my face underwater.
And blowing. 

My husband is so sweet. 
He watched me one evening and said, 
"Wow, you look like a swimmer"
High praise indeed. 
Every time I go swimming I think of that.
And I'm so glad that I now feel much more comfortable in the water. 

Unfortunately, this week I found I just might be a LITTLE TOO comfortable in the water. 

The kids got out of school early. 
We headed to the pool. 
I was super excited that I found swim shirts, and we were trying them out and I wasn't going to fry!

We walked through the gate. 
I set down the towels and my keys. 

And we raced to see who could jump into the deep end quickest.  

When I resurfaced, I realized I was still wearing my skirt!  

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Tisha said...

Okay that is HILARIOUS! I am not a fan of the water. The kids swam in our pool everyday this summer and I got in a few times (because it was SOOOO hot) and get this I even got my hair wet 2 TIMES.