Sunday, July 3, 2011

State Gymnastics Meet

This past 2 weeks has been a complete whirlwind.
Last week, we traveled to a state gymnastics meet.
Our youngest daughter competed first - at 8:00 am. That meant we left our home around 5:15 am. Quite the feat for our little girls.
Here's the team with the coach just before it started

While this was our youngest daughter's second meet ever, she made some great progress from last time.
She took second place overall in her age group for the vault.
Pretty amazing!

The meet got over around 12:30, and so we went to lunch, found a place to nap for a little bit, and did some quick shopping for some books my husband needed.

At 5:00 we were ready to start again, but this time with our oldest daughter.

She received 8th overall for her vault.
While she had hoped to score a little better, we were pretty thrilled that she did so well for her first state meet!

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