Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kitty's last ride

Here are some of the most important photos from our move.
7 years ago, a black little kitty came to our home to join our family.
Our daughter INSISTED that we name her "Allengia". We had several family councils about the name, but to no avail...her name became Allengia. The rest of us mostly called her "kitty" was easier to pronounce and she recognized it.
Even though kitty was sometimes tempermental (especially during those cold snowy winter stir crazy months) she became an important part of our family. At the first opening of a can of tuna, there she would be, meowing right at your side. She learned from the girls that if she whined enough, she would almost always get what she she took to whining by the door to be let in or our.
She was a very polite kitty. She would wait to be let into the girl's room at night. Once you let her in or out, she always had a grateful 'meow' to say thank you.
She was also the mother of 11 little kittens...who we gave to other happy homes.

We were saddened to find that she couldn't make the trip with us to Florida. It almost broke a few girl's little hearts.
But then, our friend John did some painting for us while we were out of town, and kitty kept him company.
They bonded.
She would wait for him at the front door each day.
He would feed her yummy stuff she'd never dreamed of.
John is a cat spoiler, pamperer, & indulger. We were so thankful that we could send kitty to a new home where she would be loved.

We didn't take her for car rides very often, but here she is on her very last ride to her new home.

Here's kitty's new happy family. We've known these friends for almost 13 years. The latest report is that kitty is beginning to make herself at home. Though she shares the house with another cat Ephraim, they have settled into an avoidance routine which involves a little hissing and fur ruffling... We know she's definitely loved.
As for us...I'm still suffering from phantom kitty syndrome when I turn around and expect the kitty to be there. Maybe in a few years when we get another house...

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