Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 5

Our cars came yesterday.  We pulled up our chairs on the back porch and watched the driver bring our cars down from the top of a semi toting 8 different cars.  Highly entertaining - who needs tv?

The kids tried out a new gymnastics gymn.  They didn't like the coach or the program.  It went from 5-8...it was REALLY long.  Afterwards, we grabbed something to eat and headed out to the airport to deposit our rented car.  Didn't get home til just before 11 pm.  Long night!

Got the phone service set up today...except I can't find the phones.  That's always fun!  Still searching for the kid's immunizations cause I put them in a 'special' place so that I wouldn't lose them.  That's how it goes I guess.
 Ready for another exciting new day!

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