Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back home

We are back home now, and really digging into the packing.  Argh... so not loving that.
I spent the entire day from 6:00 am - 1:00 am scanning music and getting wedding stuff ready for the month of July.  The good news is - all of my musicians have their music for the whole month, their checks will be sent out right after their gigs, and I found the sub that I was desperately, frantically seeking.  Phew.
My music is now all packed.  My closet is 95% finished, the study 65% finished, the bathrooms 97% finished (they just need to be cleaned), and we are making headway.

Tomorrow is the big packing day.  Moving trucks will show up at the end of the week.  Carpeting will be put in, and we will finish cleaning our home, and say goodbye.

By the way.  We did find a house...I forgot to finish my story.
We LOVED one of the houses we looked at.  It had a pool, a screened patio, garden space, and an AMAZING kitchen.  The other house was nice too, but it didn't have any of those things.  But it is in a neighborhood with some pretty amazing neighbors, and lots of kids.  And 1.4 miles from my husband's work, and .25 miles from the church.

We really prayed and struggled trying to decide which house we should rent.  While our first choice was the one with the pool and the amazing kitchen...when we prayed about it, we both felt inspired that we should choose the other home.  Guess I'm still working on trusting in the Lord, because that definitely wasn't my pick.  But, as we've continued to pray about other things concerning this move (and that house), I keep getting the answer that everything will work out, and that we just need to put our faith and trust in Heavenly Father and the answers that we've received.

Since it was pretty much a miracle that we found something to rent (2 homes actually - both of which weren't even listed), we are very grateful for the divine intervention that we've seen all along this journey.

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