Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moving along

I've been a little busy lately.
It's going to get worse.
I'm already overwhelmed. And then some whelmed on top of that too.

1 month ago, my husband and I were in South Carolina interviewing for a new job (I didn't interview - I house shopped).
The next week, he was in Florida, interviewing for another job.
Both jobs were offered, we accepted the Florida job.
I know..sun, sand, Disney..kind of a no brainer. Did I say sun? Apparently it is suicidal to move to Florida in July. Yep - that's the kind of people we are. Crazy to boot.

I just wanted to let everyone know that if they don't find me here in the next month, I'll be packing/cleaning/painting or freaking out.

We are trying to rent our home and praying that everything will work out - both here, and in our new abode where ever it may be. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

Chances are, I'll pick back up once the move is over and I'm re-settled.
On to new adventures!!


Tisha said...

Good luck! I am STILL recovering from our move. Hang in there it will be worth it. We are already planning a trip to come see you guys in sunny Florida.

Lauren and James said...

Cool! Sun is awesome! Moving is so much fun... I'm still unpacking. Good luck!

Caterina B said...

Sorry to see you go, Mare! I plan to keep in touch through your blog, though. I did notice the ad for your house in the paper.

Jules said...

We had a great time spending time with you guys this past week! Good luck with all the moving preparations.