Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last day of school #2

I just found some photos on my husband's phone that I didn't have.
On the last day of school, the kids (and parents) get to watch a slide show of photos of the kids throughout the year. Then, starting with the graduating class, the kids all march out.
Here's our very excited daughter

My daughters grade got to meet together and sit in a circle, and in open forum, got to thank each other, their teachers and the staff, and mostly share their feelings regarding the year they just accomplished. It was pretty interesting. Not many parents piped up, but our daughter shared two or three times, and then started giving me the Eagle eye...trying to ellicit something from me.
Truly, we are so grateful for all of the staff at their school these past many years. We will be very sorry to leave them all.

This year's teacher has vied for the favorite teacher status. We are really grateful to Mr. M. He definitely made learning fun. Bowling, helicopters, mentos in coke - you name it - they had a blast learning!

In art, some of the kids have an opportunity to paint their own ceiling tiles. Here's a collaborative work from this year. If you can't is a gecko.

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