Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Finally finished (almost)

After having this project on the list for six plus years, we tackled it!
We excavated our yard six years ago and put in a rock retaining wall. Above the wall we planted some trees and always intended to fill it in with sod, or bark or something, but never got around to it. The kids used it as their own personal digging area and mud pit, and excavation site. The weeds used it as their own personal space and gleefully filled it in each summer.
My husband and I looked at it and theorized how much it would cost to mulch it. We even went so far one year as to get the weed mat down, but failed to get the bark and mulch down before the wind ripped it back up.

We spent A LOT of time this weekend weeding.
Yesterday I threw down the weed mat, and instead of buying a billion individual bags, we had a nursery bring their big truck and drop a full pallet of compressed wood chips and mulch over the fence into the back yard.

Don't I look cute trying to staple down the weed mat..always love those candid photos my husband sneaks in...

See that big plastic wrapped thing? That's our 'bale' of mulch.

And wallah!!!...the final product. I'm so relieved to look outside and not see a big weed patch that I feel guilty about! Hooray!

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Lauren and James said...

looks great!

Tisha said...

Looks FANTASTIC! Having mulch and wood chips delivered is the ONLY way to go!