Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Gymnastics Meet

As promised, I found my camera - here are some photos from the latest meet.
This was our youngest's first meet ever. She actually did REALLY well for her first time. She got a 9.5 on the vault - out of 10. She and another girl on her team tied for the best vault score of the meet.
Here other events...well, they still need a little more work.

Here they are lined up ready to be announced.

While the judges were tallying the scores, they had a hula hoop contest. Guess who won?
Yep..that cutie in the middle. The girl on the far left came in 2nd but she used WAY too much motion.. Our kiddo has it down to a science and hardly even expends energy.
We asked where she learned to hula.
She responded - the Wii.
Yep, she hulas on the wii whenever she gets babysat while we are in the temple.
Funny girl.

This crazy tiger did an entire dance routine - splits, backhandsprings and all while we waited.
I'd never seen a tiger with such great moves!

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