Sunday, May 29, 2011

If I lived in South Carolina

If I lived in South Carolina, this is the neighborhood I would live in.
It is in perfect proximity to our church, the best schools, and it is beautiful and very peaceful.
I spent an entire day with a realtor, and this was my favorite area.
We'd definitely have to put in a swimming pool though.

And of course - I'd have to have several magnolia trees in my yard. I heart magnolia trees!

After church on Sunday (we went to a couple of different wards to check them out) we
drove over to a nearby lake. We had a little picnic on the side of the road while killing some time before our flight left.

Here's my awesome view of the earth from my airlplane window. I'm sure the fellow passengers thought I was a nut, but how can you go up that high and not think about what things must look like to Heavenly Father, and how different his perspective must be. The things that seem so important usually aren't.  Or maybe this picture just reminded me of home.  Lots of fluffy white snow and a crystal blue sky!

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