Sunday, May 29, 2011

The fabric counter

I don't know where this photo came just magically appeared.
Our daughter is getting baptized in a couple of weeks, and I decided to make her a dress.
This lady was crazy. I don't know why they stuck her in the sewing department. She knew nothing about sewing - and only had boys.
She also was working at one side of the counter. There was a sign right in front of her saying that we had to go to the other counter.
We did. There, we found a bell. She totally knew we were there, because I'd been asking questions all along.
She refused to help us until we rang the bell to request her service.??

While I had every intention of sewing a brand new baptism dress for my daughter, due to the scary lady and her lack of help, I didn't get enough material. I had to order it online, and it got here too late.
I'll be adding that to the summer projects list.
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