Sunday, November 28, 2010

My new calling

So, my last post (other than the gazillion today) was about being really upset.

Now, I can talk about it.  I've been learning a few life lessons over the past few weeks and working through it, I'm almost there.

After 2.5 years, I've been released from being the primary chorister.
While I loved it some days more than others, I've truly LOVED serving in this position (calling) at church.  Really.  At first, I didn't think I would, and then my sister told me how much fun she has with it and helped me with some resources and ideas and suddenly, I realized that I could pretty much go where I wanted to go and really have fun teaching the kids to sing.  (And everyone said that they kids sang better in this program than they'd ever heard them sing before).  

We've worn silly costumes, wigs, hats, dress ups, polka-dots.  We've passed the potato, popped balloons, discoed, thrown balls around, done the chicken dance, done detective work, played american idol, played instruments, gone caroling down the halls, and taken field trips.  We've sung every imaginable way including like a country singer, an opera singer, a grandma, a grandpa, underwater, staccato...oh I could go on and on.  We've bowled, played baseball, done scientific experiments, made cookies, spun the teacher...

We've learned that Heavenly Father and Jesus love us.  We've learned about prophets, faith, love, service, priesthood power, and miracles.

We've felt the spirit testify to our hearts through the music we've sung together.  We've laughed together (a lot) and cried together too.    

While a difficult calling because I had to come up with something different every week that was engaging, and could be used to teach the spectrum of kids from ages 3-12, I've loved it.

Unfortunately, today marks an ending, and it is someone else's opportunity to serve the children and work in this calling.

I'll miss it.  Terribly.  I love the kids.  Their excitement.  Their eagerness to answer questions, participate, learn, and share their zest for life.

Now, I've been given an opportunity to stretch and grow.  Am I happy about it?  Honestly, no.  Will I eventually love it?  To be sure (I hope).  On Sundays (and many other days until I get it down) you can find me in the chapel, sitting behind the organ, doing my best to play for the congregation.  I know my limitations.  I'm a cellist, and a pianist in a pinch.  Not a good one, but in a pinch.  I guess in a while, I'll be much better... I hope.

My youngest daughter is a great example to me.  When I told her that I had received a new calling (asked to serve in a new position) at church and told her that I'd now be playing the organ her response was, "wow you'll play 7 instruments!...that's so cool!"

Oh that I could have her excitement and attitude.


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The CLAMShack: said...

seems like kids can always see the bright side to any situation!! :) i think you ought to get an "organ lady" hat. a little knitted one! ;) you'll do great!!!!!