Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just look up!

I've had a really weird, really off week this week. I figured, getting back from vacation, we'd get into the summer groove and everything would sort of fall into place.

Not so - weird off the wall things have been going on for the past three days. Just out of the blue things that needed to be attended to, which were out of the ordinary - not bad, just different. As such, as each day has sped forth in it's own unpredictable direction, I haven't taken the time to get my personal scripture reading in as I usually do it first thing in the morning before my day gets going.

Today, I saw a very small miracle in my life. When we got back into town Saturday night we stopped at the post office to pick up the mail. There were some payments for my business totaling $2,300.00.

On Sunday after church, we started to do a little organizing since we'd just gotten home the night before. I had a couple of piles of bills and papers and other information that I needed and I put it all into a pile to be organized in the study.
The checks that needed to be cashed were in that pile as well.

As we continued to clean, I realized that I couldn't remember where the checks had been placed. I started to have a little bit of mental stress in the back of my mind about this, but I figured they would be in the pile placed in the office.

I spent a little time on Monday looking through things and couldn't find them. Tuesday, I really began to search in earnest. I got through everything and couldn't find them. I really began to feel the stress and spent a large portion of today looking everywhere I could think of to find these checks. I started going through the pockets of all of my clothes, looking into nooks and crannies, and just trying to backtrack to remember what I did with them.

When I woke up this morning I started my day with a prayer that I would be able to find the lost checks.

As evening approached, I felt like I'd looked everywhere and was starting to really become concerned and upset about the situation. I such a strong need to find peace in my life and I knew that the peace I was seeking is the peace that I find in the scriptures. I said another prayer, asking for peace and began to read. While I read, I found peace. Regardless that I was reading about King David at war with his sons and their battles - it was an internal peace from Heavenly Father letting me know that everything was going to be fine. I closed my eyes and dozed off.

When I awoke, I continued my search the nooks and crannies, and then I headed into my study for another search. There, I just happened to glance up. There on the wall in a mail holder was an envelope from a client and inside were the checks. (I was apparently a little TOO organized!)

What a lesson - so direct to me. I know that my days (and life for that matter) go so much better when I take the time to actually just look up. It is so easy, but sometimes seems like there just isn't enough time. However, when I do take the time to ask for, and open my heart to receive help from my Heavenly Father, things always seem to fall into place and work out.

I currently have an awful lot on my plate, but am so grateful for this small lesson. Because I can't do it all on my own - I really need that help of everything falling into place, and I need the peace that I find in the scriptures which testify of Heavenly Father's love for each and everyone of His precious children. That's it - my lesson for the day - Just look up. It doesn't take much effort - but boy is it worth the effort!

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