Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cabrillo Lighthouse

So, following up on some advice from the locals at church, we headed out to the Cabrillo Lighthouse. We didn't even stop to see the lighthouse, but had a blast in this area. We checked the tidal times before we headed out and then went out to check the tide pools at low tide.
We were able to hike down to an area that was in the ocean.
BTW, we don't know where the Colordao Rockies sweatshirt came from. It was found in our closet - if you recognize it and can claim it, you might be able to get it back. If not, please know that it is being put to good use!

Up above before we climbed down

Two girls and their daddy

At the bottom, as we explored, we found a really cool water cave. The water would hit it, coming in at the right and then flow all the way around the back wall towards the left. While the exposure of this picture is awful, it was such a cool place. Our little one is holding her ears from the crash of the surf as it echoed throughout the cave.
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