Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Interminable Evenings

Yet another interminable night. Our kids went to the local 'learn to ski' program this week instead of going to school. I guess you could call it a mountain perk.

One of the perks is that they went to bed last night at 6:47 pm and were happy about it.

However, my main point (I'm getting there I promise) is that when we tucked our kids into bed tonight (after a full day of skiing topped off with 2 hrs. of gymnastics) at 8:00 they were once again happy to go to bed.

My husband then turned to me and informed me that he was going to bed too (this happens fairly regularly) - very depressing.

I stand on principle that unless one is sick, as an adult, bedtime does not start until at least 10:00. I tried it last week. I kept waking up from 3:00 am on - waiting until I could get up. There's a reason it is dark outside in the morning - it is sleeping time!

Remember back in college when anything before 12:00 am was really early? I'm having a tough time with the early bedtime thing. I spend much of my time at home working on projects, cooking, cleaning, shuttling kids to different activities and often not talking to a real adult ALL day long.

My husband comes home, we have dinner, get kids into bed, and just when I'm ready for some adult conversation, interaction - anything...I find him snuggled up asleep in bed.

Maybe that's why I find a morbid joy in slinking into our room as quiet as I can be to slip into bed. He's a light sleeper. He generally sits up in bed - disoriented and shouting, 'huh? huh? who's that?' Like if I was a robber, I'd say, 'Hi, my name is Jimmy, nice to meet you, I'm here to rob you'. So I don't say anything and it continues for a few more moments.

Why am I blogging about this? Probably because it is 10:19 pm and I'm finally thinking about going to bed and anticipating the morbid bedtime fun awaiting me.

I do have to say that tonight in my spare time I was very productive.
I watched an NCIS episode online (we don't have cable or satellite tv, just what I can check out from the library on DVD).
I checked my email and responded to several clients.
I put together some information for an upcoming performance for my contractors.
I investigated and considered obtaining a paypal business account for my business blog. I'm just not sure about the 2.9% on every transaction bit.
I started a blog and then erased it.
I read all of my friend's blogs which I haven't even seen for several weeks - nothing like catching up. I also caught up on Dwight Schrute's monthly blog. Interesting. I'm glad I found the link though on my sister in law's blog.
I saw a blog that I mostly like, but decided the crafty ideas were WAY over the top and I'd better stick with non-cutesy plain Jane ideas that don't require a paper cutter.

And now....I'm going in to terrorize my husband.

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Tisha said...

Oh my gosh, what is the deal with you people?... Dave is the exact same way. I go to bed at 10:00 and he stays up all hours of the night and when he does come to bed at 3:00am or so he does the most annoying stuff to wake me up! I am a heavy sleeper so it's much more work for him though.