Saturday, January 23, 2010

All you ever wanted to know about my shoes but were too embarrased to ask!

I've been chastised. My sister was bored and was checking out my blog and immediately informed me that I need to do some updating...

I'm sure she's right, but as I rack my brains, I am at a loss. Unfortunately, our life is downright boring these days.

Last weekend my husband went ice fishing. He had a blast! Meanwhile, I turned into a clean freak and when he came home everything was brilliantly shining. I was pretty impressed myself. All week we've managed to really stay on top of it and while I'd planned to do more deep cleaning today, I'm sure it will hold to next week.

The girls and I took a day trip on Monday where I rehearsed, and then took them to PF Chang's (their favorite Chinese restaurant because they LOVE the egg drop soup there, except that they haven't had it since Kansas City in 2004.)

Then we went to the mall in search of some new shoes for me. Really, I'm a disgrace to my gender. I HATE shopping. We spent 3 hours trying to find my shoes. I knew exactly which shoes I wanted, but no one had my size, or the right color or style in stock. Come on!

When we reached the point where my kids were rolling across the shop giving each other steam rollers and laughing and screaming at the top of their voices, (seriously - after being separated (and chastised) several times), I lost it (fortunately), and grabbed the girls, apologized, and marched everyone out the door for another long ride home. We walked in 5 minutes before the missionaries who were coming for dinner arrived. Good thing my husband can make spaghetti.

So here's the deal. After dinner was cleaned up, I found my shoes on the internet and within 20 minutes they were ordered - right style, right size even, and they cost even less than half of what they'd wanted to charge me at the mall. So - fight with kids in a mall, dragging around searching, or 20 minutes on the computer, and home delivered?

I LOVE the internet...and my little rural non-mall shopping community.

My shoes came yesterday. Aren't they cute? I can't wait to wear them.

Other news, on Tuesday, I was still feeling productive and pulled an old pair of shoes out of the closet. They are 2 years old, but were only worn for maybe 1-2 months. Because I have such a high arch and instep, I have a really tough time finding the right shoe, clogs and boots are even worse. So, I bought some new clogs 2 years ago...

I realized that I need to digress here for a moment. I'm a simple gal - I only have a couple of pairs of shoes, and none that coordinate or match with my outfits - I'm not that type. Rural, think rural. I bought my first pair of Dansko clogs 10 years ago. I have worn them every full winter season for the past 10 years. Yep, to church, to work, everywhere. They had great elastic at the top that worked so well with my instep and I loved them, and they are tall and enclosed so wet feet don't generally happen unless the fresh snow is more than 4-5" and I avoid that stuff. When I'm not in my clogs I can be found barefoot or in flip flops. Yep - pretty much a 2 pairs of shoes kind of gal.

I resume my lengthy narrative (so my sister has something to read, but she won't because it's too long at this point). So two years ago when my clogs seemed like they may need a replacement, I bought these :

The buckle is adjustable for a high instep/arch. Well, they didn't really work, so I took off the top strap and they gave me a little more needed room. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, the elastic on the side ripped. I couldn't send them back since I'd 'adjusted' them, and so...they have been lying in my closet for a very long time while I continued to contemplate taking them to the shoe repairman.

As such, on Tuesday I was feeling productive and so I headed to the local 'everything' store in search of the perfect needle. I couldn't find it. Then, my hand brushed something and a ziplock bag fell onto the floor. I picked it up and randomly placed it on the bottom shelf. Then, I glanced and that contents. There in the ziplock back were the two perfect needles I was searching for!!

Armed with some very sturdy fishingline, my cool needle and pliers, I began to work on my poor broken shoe. An hour later, my fingers were very sore, but I was elated, because my shoe was fixed, and you couldn't even tell!

As so goes the saga of my shoes. If you aren't asleep by now - I would recommend some nice warm milk and a good book!

Other news, on Tuesday evening, I talked my husband into helping me get my latest quilt up on some frames he made for me several years ago. I've never hand quilted a whole quilt before and am fairly intimidated, BUT it is a fall/Halloween quilt, so I figure I have at least 10 more months to work on it once my sore fingers mend.

Other interesting news, I think we need a new furnace. If you have an extra - please send it around. While we have progressively gotten healthier since our 3 months of catastrophe last year, our furnace is now negotiating for a strike and making demands. Everytime we turn it on we get moaning and complaining and well - all sorts of scarey noises. Apparently the furnace guy we called just got his wisdom teeth out, so we are on the 'eventual' waiting list.

You'll know if it really goes out - we'll be on your doorstep!

Oh, and I am thrilled to announce that the girlfriend snowshoe season has begun - full swing. How I love warm days with snow on the ground and a pair of snowshoes strapped to my feet!

That's it - our most boring life in a nutshell, but nonetheless you can consider yourself updated! :) Thanks for making it through!!

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Tisha said...

Those shoes are SUPER cute. The whole time I was reading, I kept thinking, "Silly girl, why is she at the mall when it is SO MUCH EASIER to buy shoes on the internet. Sadly I buy shoes VERY often on the internet and even with my overcrowded closet full of shoes, I too am usually found just wearing flip flops