Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yet another update

I took a nap today so I'm prolonging my bedtime. 10:00 now seems so late since lately I've been asleep by 9:00 if not 8:30 - silly me.

So, I've been catching up and reading everyone's blogs. On my road to recovery (I sound like I'm dealing with an addiction or something here) I am making progress. Wednesday I woke up and almost felt normal again. Thursday I woke up and realized that I felt really normal. While I still get winded going up and down the stairs and doing some things, things are definitely much better.

I went to the doctors with a schlew of questions on Wednesday. The first was, "How much blood did you take out of me?" He gave me a very scientific answer. He showed me with his hands - "about this much." It looked like 2 cups. He said it was an awful lot of blood to have just been sloshing around inside of me.

Then I asked to see pictures of my tube that they removed. He didn't have them right there in the file with him, so he drew me a picture. (He really is a fantastically competent doctor, I just thought this was funny). Actually, he drew the picture to explain to me what it should have looked like, and what they actually found. That part wasn't quite so funny or pretty.

They took more blood and I am happy to announce that my blood count is headed back up again - hooray. I somehow think this may have to do with them not taking my blood every day for tests for a week. My veins had also healed enough for them to take more blood. The nurse sadly said she could see 'tracks' on my arms from all of the blood they've been taking. (I really do sound like a recovering addict here!)

So, I got some answers from the doctor and I've got a plan - I'm focusing on healing right now. After I heal, we'll continue to figure things out. I really like my doctor. I don't even need a pep talk from my brother anymore to make me call him.
I do have to say though - I swear that I lost some brain cells during my surgery. I'll type something and then go back through and re-read it and realize that I totally put the wrong word in somewhere - and it SO won't make sense. It seems like my brain just sort of skips words and just keeps on going, or I put words together backwards. I'm not sure about that part, but just skip over any mistakes you may notice - I'm blaming them all on the surgery.

So, while I thought I was doing better, someone told me at church today that I looked peaked (pronounced peak id not peak'd). I didn't think much of it until someone else said, "How are you? Last time I saw you you really looked peaked". What is up with that? I thought I was looking hot!
Guess I was mistaken.

Anyways - last but not least, we celebrated another anniversary and still really love each other (my husband and I that is). We were thrilled to pay off our car this week and that's pretty much our anniversary and Christmas all piled in there together this year.

To celebrate we watched the first and second halves of the last episode of MONK - and loved it. We hung out and chatted about somebody's problems and how to help them. We took the family to Costco and had a fine dinner of a slice of pizza (fine dining I tell you - don't think I can handle that again!) and took the kids to a sitters while we went to the movies. While it wasn't Trinidad and Tobago - it worked. We've got a lot of hospital bills headed our way!

We've definitely had a tough couple of months, but feel like we are finally headed back up for some air (knock on wood). We've definitely been stretched and grown and changed and learned. I guess that's what we are here for. While I would REALLY like things to remain static, I am learning that it just isn't part of the cycle of life. I don't like it, but hopefully soon I'll figure out how to come to terms with that one. I guess I'll have to let you know once I get there.


Lauren and James said...

I am glad things are getting better for your family and you. I have to say though, even when you said you didnt' feel good, you didn't look peaked to me, I thought you looked great!

Amy said...

You are hot, don't listen to nay sayers! :)
I am so glad you are feeling better. Happy anniversary, and that is so awesome that your car is paid off! That didn't take long. Way to go!