Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What I want for Christmas...

We are 9 days away from Christmas and we still don't know what Santa will be bringing to our house. A bit of a problem. See, our trampoline broke this spring and after reviewing our options, it was cheaper to buy a new one than try and get it repaired. So we planned to have Santa give the family a new tramp and be done with it.

However, earlier this fall, we got some REAL shelves for our garage, and although it is tight, we can actually fit both cars into the garage.

Did I mention we've been experiencing sub-arctic cold levels lately? There's just nothing that says fun like scraping a windshield in -24* weather. As such, my husband has been opting for that garage option lately.

And as such, we realized if Santa brings a trampoline, the trampoline will have to sit in the garage (where my husband's car would go) for um...5+ months.

He decided it wasn't worth it.

Now we scramble.

We told our kids that because of un-expected hospital bills Christmas will be pretty lean this year and that we need to make gifts for each other. I just realized they will be out of school after Friday and I will lose any surprise element since they will be with me 24/7 after that.

It looks like I'll be doing a lot of sewing after they are in bed next week!

So - since my husband asked, here's my Christmas list - (he keeps losing it).

*New cello case (the one from 7th grade that weighs 40 lbs and has broken straps and feet, its on it's way out)- Bam cases have wheels and are backpackable (and the best) and they are lighter than a feather - sigh...
*Machine Quilting machine and frame
*Snowshoes (since my husband broke mine last winter)

Our kitchen really wants that 6 or 7 qt. crock pot that we keep seeing at Costco (our favorite place to shop) - it has been begging for years, and a Victorio strainer for applesauce and grape juice and canning.

Regarding my gifts - I think I might've been naughty, because I know what Santa's budget looks like, and nothing on my list really fits!

However, for anybody out there looking for a tax write off/or wanting to make a charitable contribution, or for those dying to know what I really want for Christmas - there you have it.

My youngest gave me a letter for Santa. She apparently wants a scuba diving set (who wouldn't looking at where we live?).


Tisha said...

A car in the garage in WINTER is much more important than a trampoline. Since both girls have spring/summer birthday's maybe you can use it as a combined birthday gift :)

Amy said...

I think handmade gifts are the best! That is what we are doing this year as well. I think the scuba gear would be fantastic for your daughter. She could... wear it in the tub?