Sunday, August 23, 2009

Vacation Sequel

Well, we decided to head to the big city for a couple of days, and excitedly booked a room. We headed to the amusement park and had planned to spend several days there. As it turned out, the local schools had all already begun and everything was closed. What a bummer.
We hung out downtown and visited the Hard Rock Cafe which my family wasn't particularly impressed with and eventually made our way back to the hotel where we enjoyed a couple of very refreshing hours in the pool.
My husband and I traded off visiting the temple the next day and we packed in some shopping at the mall with the girls (they liked smelling the different perfumes)and were awed at all of the stores. We then went bowling and then did some miniature golfing.
On Friday we headed home and decided to head over to a lake a friend had recommended. Well...we crossed the continental divide and so we got out and did a really beautiful hike. Then we continued on our way. We eventually made it to the lake, but we couldn't find the right public access area. Instead we opted for wading and throwing rocks for a while. We found a great little bakery for lunch, and then headed home and eventually arrived there after six long hours.

Upon our arrival at home, we collapsed for 30 minutes until the phone rang. Our cousin was letting us know that he and his family were on the way for a camping trip with us that evening. As such, we pulled ourselves up and started to pack up the car again. We headed to the mountains where we met them and camped out near our favorite lake again. We definintely enjoyed the campfire and the stars. The kids enjoyed snail shell mania. They collected tons of those things - yuck!

The next day we headed fishing (no luck - just one bite) and eventually made it home to finish constructing our garage shelves and getting the garage cleaned out and organized. We worked hard to get the house back together and now, I think we might need a vacation from our vacation!


Amy said...

Wow, it sounds like you were all very busy, and had lots of fun! Can I go on your next vacation with you?

Tisha said...

Yes, sounds like you definitely need a vacation after your vacation! Love the girls toenails, super cute!

anna said...

very fun! wish we could have vacationed with you...and i love the toenails too! fantastic!