Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Squirrel Story

While we generally love that our cat is a mighty huntress, this week wasn't so good.
On Monday she brought a hummingbird into the house. Luckily, it was so scared, I was able to get her to drop it and I picked it up and took it outside so that it could fly away.

Today, I was working on the computer, and the cat ran in and pinned something into the corner next to me. I was amazed to find it was a tiny squirrel or chipmunk (I'm not sure which, but it was a rodent and it was in my house ALIVE!)

Here are the ensuing pictures. We only had to pull out the dishwasher, clear out two cabinets, and tip the sofa on its side to get this guy caught. The cat got cranky when we kept trying her to go get it. She went and hid under the bed, disgusted that we let her toy get away.

Here are the action packed pictures.


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For the record - I did scream as it ran past me several times and got away from me. I was amazed at the adrenaline release I got from this afternoon adventure.


Brandi Johns said...

OK, that was funny. I can just see it all going down. thanks for the laugh!

Lauren and James said...

That's CRAZY! with a capital C!