Sunday, March 29, 2009

Introduction to the follwing posts

We recently traveled to Moab, Utah where my husband participated in a half marathon. This is his third year running it and he loves to have something to work for which keeps him going through the winter and kicks off his season.

Since it was spring break for both the kids and my husband, we wanted to get out, and he wanted to go to Nauvoo, Illinois. This is a historical place for the Mormon people, and while we have been there several times, we love to learn about our ancestors who lived there, and explore our religious history. The sacrifices made by our forefathers were complete and a sweet spirit can be felt there. So, we packed into the car and traveled the opposite direction from Moab. As a brother lives relatively nearby, we were able to spend some time with his family. As it turned out, we made it for a birthday party and a baptism. We decided to take our cousin along with us for the three days we spent in Nauvoo.
We learned some great things from him. We learned that he REALLY likes to swim in the pool - night and morning. He was a little bothered after we swam before breakfast, showered, and had breakfast that we weren't going swimming again after breakfast! We also learned that he REALLY likes buffets. I think we will be happy if we don't see another one of those for a couple of years at least!

We were grateful that we were able to be part of such a special occasion for him and his family.

The following posts include several of our activities and explanations regarding our trip. Yep - in other words - a travelogue.
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