Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So - for the past two weeks, I have been biting my nails (figuratively speaking, as I never really ever had any to begin with.)

I wonder if I'm beginning to sound like a broken record. Anyways, here's the saga if you are at all interested.

Last spring, I walked in my graduation as I thought I only had two more classes to take to finish up my degree. I had signed up for one as an independent study course at BYU, and then signed up for the other one to take over the summer. Since I could finish the independent study course anytime within a year, I really tackled the other course. That done, just as I thought that I could really jump in and finish my independent study course, my professor went to clear me for graduation, and informed me that I still needed ONE more upper division class for my major. I frantically found a BYU independent study course that was upper division enough to work, and fiendishly began to slog my way through. Once I finished that class, I began to work on that old outstanding independent study class. However, as I was teaching seminary, it really became difficult as I would fall asleep over my scriptures each night preparing for seminary, and in getting up at 4:30, I never really found the time to nail down that last class. As you may know, I finished with seminary during the end of March, and finished the class mid-April.

There's the history portion.

So, I contacted my major and minor departments, and they cleared me for graduation. My advisor said that it looked like everything had been met and I was good to go... I did an online graduation evaluation, and it kept stating that I was not meeting the upper division hours requirement for 2.375 hours. I just about fainted. I mean, I don't think it would be possible to drag this out any further - someone within my immediate family would die.

I e-mailed my professor as the graduation office was stating that I needed 6 hours, he was stating that I needed less than 3, I talked to an adviser who got a different calculation. It was just everywhere and no one could reach a consensus on anything. Finally, my professor/counselor mentioned that a petition for a waiver process existed. I jumped all over it, and wrote a three page letter (yes, I begged) explaining my situation, and that if I did finish the requirement, it would have to be upper division in some random field of study, since I'd already finished everything for my major and minor, and boy oh boy, what a pain it would be for my family, so please just let's waive it and be done with it. Okay, I really didn't beg, but because I'd transferred credits from two different schools etc, I think it made everything a little bit confusing etc.

Two weeks ago, I called to check on the status, and after being told that the person was out of town, I waited until she came back and finally got hold of her. She said she'd call me on Friday and have someone look over everything so I would know whether or not I needed to sign up for another class, since they started on Monday. On Monday when I called her, I was "strongly advised" to sign up for another online class. I was completely crestfallen, depressed, heartbroken, disheartened (I can't think of any more adjectives, or I would use them here.) I looked at the online summer classes, and couldn't figure out how I could possibly make it work with my husband's school and work load this summer.

I called back today however, and she told me that my request had been approved!!! I think the neighbors could hear me screaming I was so thrilled, elated, overjoyed, and ecstatic.
So - that is the latest, however, now I have to wait for another week (for that person to process all 50 petitions,) and THEN I'll know if there is anything else I have to do. Talk about jumping through hoops - it shouldn't be so tough!
Anyways - I am grateful, and fairly hopeful that I really am done - it does remain to be seen until I actually have that diploma in my hand. At that time, I will invite all of my friends who have helped me through this ordeal (watching my kids while I took exams, my proctors, etc etc) and we will PARTY!!!!
So once again, and for the record, I really think I'm finished!


Grondahl Family said...

This is why Jeffrey absolutely hates WSU. They are ridiculous with jumping through hoops. They make you think you are done, and then there is always something more. Congrats! I am so excited for you. To be finally done is a great thing. One day I too will know that feeling. Way to go Mare!

lizzie said...

oooh, a party? i think i watched a little girl or two once. maybe twice. i am so excited for you! and a party? excitement galore!