Monday, March 17, 2008

Gardening, weather, and freebies

In the few short moments of this blog - I would like to address something very important which has recently come to my attention.

I was very disappointed to notice, that when I offered a fantastic prize for being my 100th blog visitor, I suddenly had 3 comments posted to my blog...
However, when I've mentioned the weather and even posted pictures of my meager beginnings of a garden, or my husband shoveling the tramp in his p.j.s, - all parts of my mundane boring life, all I received was apathy and no responses whatsoever...

So - from here on out I may consider random prizes or freebies to blog visitors...however, to subsidize the costs of shipping and prizes, we'll have to arrange something...maybe a minimal charge to visit the site - payable through paypal?
What do you think?

Oh - by the way, Tisha won the award...please be sure to watch your mail for the amazing prize!! Once you get it - please post a picture to the blog so everyone else can wish that they had been as lucky as you. Thanks to Amy (101) and Mary (102)... it was a pretty stiff race.

By the way -
Q:why did the matador trade in his swords for a gun?
A: He wanted to shoot the bull.
Thank goodness for laffy taffy.


Tisha said...

Just so you know, I ALWAYS read your blog, but don't always comment, as to not get the reputation of the "crazy blog commentor" or "blog stalker" Also, my mom reads your blog all the time too, but hasn't quite figured out how to comment (she doesn't even comment on MY blog). HOWEVER, I would like to see some more comment partipation coming from the other Harris's out there reading, yes, you slackers know who you are!!!!!

Grondahl Family said...

I would like to add my second to Tisha. I really think that I just blog for my own benifit, and no one reads my blog. Sorry Mare, I will try to do better with the comments. I will keep them coming. I do read your blog a lot, in fact, I check it more often than you post. I will let you know each time I visit. Sound fair?