Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So I know I've got a link for my seminary and if you really wanted to hear about it you would link. Anyways today in seminary we studied the book of Ecclesiastes (I know, bonus points just for spelling it right). As we read through chapter 3 and listened to the Byrds (Turn Turn Turn) we saw that it follows chapter three (1-8) almost word for word. We talked about seasons of life and priorities. I think I am in a season (at least today) of gratitude. I'm really grateful for everything I have - my family, my beliefs, health...the list could go on and on. Feel free to link for a more in depth discussion...
I'm just happy to be here.
The coolest thing about Ecclesiastes is the second to last verse of the whole book. The entire book is fairly depressing - we joked about it being pretty emo. Anyways, you can count in each chapter how many times the word 'vanity' is used. In this context, it means 'transitory or fleeting'. The writer talks about how EVERYTHING in life is 'vanity' or 'fleeting'. We waste so much time on stuff that just doesn't matter a bit...
So finally in chapter 12:13 he says..."Let us hear the conclusion of the matter, Fear God and keep his commandments..."
Pretty simple and basic. Don't waste life on what doesn't matter. Love and respect God, and be obedient. Pretty darn good advice for this world. I've been listening to talk radio - everything is apparently going to pot - the economy,the political arena, the war etc etc.. Maybe we should all just take this simple (yet so effective) advice - forget about the petty stuff - focus on God and His counsels, and it will all work out.
Interestingly - there's a pretty strong parallel there... Solomon was the king after David's golden dynasty. After Solomon, everything pretty much fell apart and was on it's way out. Of course - Solomon's actions helped it - but isn't that where we are today too? I think it is that whole hindsight thing.

Anyways - there's a little something to think about - what's REALLY important?
Carpe Diem!

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Grondahl Family said...

I read your Seminary blog... very insightful. I think I might make it a daily read :) You have some very true points in there. It is always so good to be able to look at all the blessings we have in our lives and be able to recognize from whence they have come. Also, the trials, and take them for what they are... trials. Some things are more important today than they will be tomorrow. I think that will be my motto for this week. thanks.