Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Another officially finished

Well, tonight I spent some time in the Bishop's office where he officially thanked me for teaching seminary thus far this year. I've known that this was happening for some time, but finally tonight he said we could let people know about it - so there's the official announcement.
Honestly, it has been an incredibly tough year for me - things really never got off on the right foot from the beginning, and sort of went downhill from there. Anyways - I got an answer several months ago that I had done all I could. The Bishop recently got a very strong and similar answer. I've handed it off to a parent and wish him well. It's been tough since seminary was SO good in the last place I taught. Anyways, I really did my VERY best and about killed myself in the process. I'll admit I am a little bit sad walking away, but it seems to be time, and I did all I could. I've learned a bunch about people and loads more - even if it wasn't pleasant. I'm looking forward to reading anything I want, and doing lots of sewing, and NOT getting up at 4:30 am. I hope to never have to do that again - ever in my life.
Guess I'm on to a new chapter - and I'm pretty excited about it.


Colby family said...

congratulations! on both of the "officially finished" posts! is this the masters or bachelors degree? i responded to your comment on my blog, but then i thought, you might never know.... :) i'm glad for you that you don't have to wake up at 4:30 anymore.

ash-n-fam said...

Congrats! It will be nice to have a little break! For as long as I have known you, you are superwoman doing everything! I loved it when Jon stopped teaching because his load just seemed so much easier. He really missed it but the continual scripture study made his life so much more simple. Good luck with the'll have to teach me one day. I once made a pair of capris and I could fit me and my sister in them...I forgot to look at the size I was making!!!