Friday, April 19, 2019

Still Alive - Barely

I was looking for some information, and was thrilled to find it here on my old blog. Mercy it has been a long time!
And so much has changed in those 2+ years.
In September 2017, I went back to school to work on my masters degree. I can't wait to graduate in a few short weeks. Boy has it been a doozy.
Throw in children graduating and getting full time jobs and starting school and getting boyfriends, and beginning to drive, a few baseball games, losing 100+ lbs and changing our lifestyle, 3 years of dead/frozen bees, a fly buzzing around my living room at the moment and you are almost up to date!

These past few weeks we've been surprised with some news, which has thrown us for a loop. We will know more later today (we hope). We've been working to adjust. I thought I had everything planned out for my career after graduation, but have found that this simply is not the case - and am trying to figure that out. There's simply a lot to figure out right now.
And so, I'm working on letting go of it and giving it to Heavenly Father. Placing it in His hands and trusting that He knows best, and working on having the faith that He only gives good gifts. I'm not sure what the good is in the current gift I'm facing, but hoping against hope for good news.

He only gives good gifts. Look for the good in all of the gifts. This is my mantra for today. <3 p="">

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