Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just when I thought...

You know, sometimes life rolls along smoothly. And then sometimes you just can't catch your breath to get back on your feet.
Our daughter decided last night that we are calling this year, year of the plagues!
It has been like that.
Yesterday, as I was biking our youngest to school, I could hear a weird cough and wheezing going on. I turned her around and we went back home since she said she had had a hard time breathing and her chest was tight when she was running.
To the Dr we go. Yep, exercise induce asthma.
We spent the morning at the Dr office then picking up scripts and stuff to get her healthy again.

Then, last evening, we found a little worm on our cat. After some research, it looks like we get to take the cats to the vet today too.
I so didn't need this.
Our other daughter is congested, but seriously, no one is allowed to get sick.
I can't take it. Really I can't!

I swear, we are having the biggest New Year's Eve party ever this year. So tired of the year of the plagues. That is... If we are even still around by that point.

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