Friday, November 8, 2013

Good news

Lots and lots going on these days.  Trying to keep up.
On Tuesday, I missed going to my book club even though I had fiendishly read to finish the book in time. However, as part of book club, we usually share our good news.  I'd been thinking through the day (Tuesday) about what I could possibly share.  We are very blessed, but I couldn't think of any good news that seemed share worthy.

I finally found my good news and inspiration today:
While at the Dr. this week, in an answer to our prayers, the Dr. actually saw first hand some of the health issues my husband has been having, and was inspired to go in a different direction than he'd been headed.  With his help, we were able to get in to see another Dr. and will hopefully have some definitive answers soon.  If you didn't know - 2013 has been the year of bad luck health problems in our home. I won't spell it out, but it hasn't been pretty.

Our daughter just texted me to let us know that her audition last night (that she thought she had tanked), wasn't so bad, and she will be able to participate in the all county band.  Not 100% sure what it is, but she's excited about it.  I'm sure it means more schedule jiggling and running around for me, but I think that comes in my job title - or something like that.  

Finally, our washing machine broke.  My in-laws have been in town, and so my father in law was able to unhook the old one, and (I only assisted a little - he's pretty handy) install the one we've been storing in the garage for the past year, for such a day as this.
Hooray - soon my children may have clean clothing to wear!  And the mountain of laundry in my bathroom will be conquered. No. I won't post pictures.

We did celebrate the day of the dead also.  That's an accomplishment - I've been trying to find the energy after Halloween for that one.  I found some fun pumpkin recipes and we had a pumpkin palooza dia de los muertos.

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