Thursday, January 24, 2013

Life's random ramblings

I've been trying to bike at least twice a week, and just got back from today's ride.  It was beautiful - while the news reports snow and cold weather throughout the nation - I love living in Florida right now.  It feels like fall.  I can wear a light sweater (cause I have lots of them and can finally get away with wearing them at this time of the year).  The air is crisp, leaves carpet the bike path, and I'm not sweating as profusely as I will be in a couple more months.  While I was a little low on energy and lethargic, I did my full 10 miles.  Our youngest went with me last Saturday and she did great - I couldn't believe she could go that distance, but she's a trooper.  Here's a section of our bike path:

Our oldest daughter had her first cross country track meet yesterday.  She came in 5th of all of the girls.  I was pretty surprised, since she had told us that she was at the back of the practices and not great, and was just doing it for the fun of hanging out with her friends.  While her best friend cleaned house and came in first, I was just shocked and thrilled to see our daughter so close to the front, and am very excited about her upcoming track meets!  She must take after her daddy.  :)

Our youngest daughter has started gymnastics again.  She's spending 6 hours a week working out with a team, and seems to really be enjoying it more than she was enjoying the ballet she was taking.  Needless to say - between getting the two of them where they need to go - flute, piano, gymnastics, and track, and my music lessons, and primary calling, we've been trying to keep up.

Did I mention that we are losing access to our church?  We are being displaced to another chapel for the next 6-8 months during renovations to our building.  As such, I've been trying to figure out where to hold cub scout meetings, activity days meetings, pack meetings and everything else.  We've just cleaned out our closets, and figured out which rooms the classes will be in in our temporary new building, and it will be interesting to see how things go this Sunday at the different chapel.  I figure as long as I plan on chaos, anything other will be a welcome surprise.

I am very excited though for tomorrow.  My primary presidency is totally cashing in on the perks on living in Florida.  Our secretary has been working at Disney for 15 years, and offered to take our presidency to Disney for the day tomorrow to find our "inner children".  It should be really fun, to hang out with these ladies, and relax - without trying to solve ward and world problems, or plan the ward Christmas party etc.  Our husbands have stepped up, and are helping us to step away.  I'm hoping my feet can handle it.  Disney without kids, with 4 grown women will be interesting.  Gotta remember my Dramamine - these ladies may have a little wild in them!  We may not leave until the park closes down...Oh, and the new Neverland is open!

Finally - it is STRAWBERRY season again!  Headed out with some friends this weekend to pick strawberries to our heart's content, zipline, hayride, picnic, hang out by the fire, and consume fresh strawberry shakes or strawberry shortcake.  I'm using my sugar day at the strawberry farm this weekend.
Last year we came home and made 20 pints of fresh strawberry jam. It was SO amazingly good that we ran through it in a matter of months.  We'll have to double or triple our batch this year. is Friday Eve, looking forward to a weekend full of Disney, Strawberries, and a church re-location.  Can't wait!!  Bring it.



Amy Involuntary said...

I am so jealous of your weather right now. I am sitting in KS with my coat on in the house and freezing right now! Disney World sounds wonderful. Our next family trip is to visit you, okay? I can dream. Sigh.

Lance said...

only my friend MaryAnn would try to plan chaos!!! :) i need to come to florida in the winter!!!!