Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Idaho Falls Temple & skipping rocks

After getting our fill of West Yellowstone and Island Park (and rain and snow and cold)
We decided to head south for some warmer weather and wedding celebrations.
Since our kids don't get out much (West at least anymore), we decided to stop in Idaho Falls and see the LDS Idaho Falls temple.
My husband stuck our daughter in a tree

We had a cranky kid on the way home (all of the cousins were suddenly gone and her 'in car' entertainment disappeared).
We pulled off for a breather and to skip some rocks.
FYI, Florida has no rocks.  If you see some, they were purchased.  Skipping rocks is something we miss, so we had our fill.  We threw a stick out and worked on target practice.

After arriving at grandmas and getting in a good night's sleep, we headed to temple square in Salt Lake City.  The following pic was taken by our youngest daughter - maybe it was her height that gives this photo such a cool view  
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