Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Christus, City Creek Malls, Logan LDS Temple

We saw the Christus in the north visitor's center at temple square

We took a break from temple square and headed across the street to City Creek Mall where our girls tried on almost every shoe in the mall.
It was an outdoor mall, and it even boasts a Tiffanys.  Quite Posh as my friend Heather would say.
While I wanted a little blue bag or box, I don't think I'm high enough maintenance for that place. 

We spent the evening with my husband's family and siblings - pizza and games, it was really nice.
On Saturday we drove up to Logan, Utah where my youngest brother was sealed to his sweetheart for time and eternity in the LDS Logan temple.

We waited around for a while, waiting for them to come out afterwards...and my husband took some shots
Here's my brother (just younger than me) and his wife.  

My youngest sister (whose husband and kids didn't make it and we really missed)

My grandmother

Family shot
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