Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Big Springs Love Story

Really, these are confused seagulls.
They have adapted however, and have learned to imitate ducks - in case the tourists don't know the difference and might possibly throw them some food.
This is Big Spring.  The water is SO clear and beautiful. 

We all stood on a bridge and took pictures of the view, and threw bread to the sgucks (seagull ducks).
Grandma took pictures, and then, leaned over a little too far.

She dropped her address book (with all wedding addresses) into the spring and we all watched as it sadly floated down the river.
Then....dah dum..
Granpa sprang into action.
He hustled down river and while we'd hoped it would go over towards the side, it didn't.  He waded out to retrieve her address book.
Parts of it were still dry!

That's the big spring love story.  

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