Sunday, September 11, 2011

Food Storage Furniture

So, in our move, we downsized.
We went from a house with a huge full basement, to a house with a little less living space and considerably less storage space.
Did I mention that we have a year's supply of food? Yep, rice, wheat, beans, .....
Our church teaches us to be prepared, and so we worked hard over the past years to put together our food storage.
Then we had to move it.
That wasn't very fun.
Our moving guys didn't think so either.

We put everything in the garage on shelves.
Then, the ladies from church told us that if we keep things in the garage, they will spoil, because of the heat and humidity.

We set about trying to figure out some althernate options and went back to my husband's original "Distributed Food Storage Plan".

It consisted of distributing the food storage throughout the whole house.
While we haven't completely done this, we have adapted it in several instances.

We hauled all of the boxes upstairs and had a tower in our bedroom which reached the ceiling. Seriously.
For a month, I looked at it, trying in vain to figure out a way to mask the food storage monstrosity.
Then, one day, I had a revelation.
I evened out the boxes, and covered them with a cute stripy shower curtain.
Then I moved my bookcases to encase the food storage tower.
Then I bought a plant to fill in some blank space, and we now have some groovy dimension in our bedroom rather than a ceiling high tower o wheat. And the best part is that you can't even tell.

We also made a food storage tv table - covered with a simple tablecloth...

Our kids needed night tables for their scriptures and lamps and glasses, and....

So - we made food storage night tables.
And covered them with cute material that matched the room.
Cute huh?

We still had several #10 cans. My husband put them all under the bed.
Here you can see their smiling faces, just barely peeking out. The point is, while space can cause an issue, it can work with a little material and some creativity.

I didn't remember if I posted this already or not, but just came across this photo. There on the top of the trailer you can see our two cars - after being hauled from Colorado to Florida.

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lizzie said...

I can't believe you are in Florida! How exciting! I hope all is well for you & your cute family. I have been missing our days of sewing & games.