Sunday, September 4, 2011

Anastasia State Park (yet another beach)

We headed to Anastasia State Park this weekend for more beach
We just can't seem to get enough!

This time, we came equipped - we brought the beach umbrella and some chairs, and some boogie boards. It was all we needed.

We had a blast riding the waves back to the shore - especially when we caught 'good ones'

Dad took both of the girls for a run with him along the beach. Here's the end of a two mile run.

Did I mention how beautiful it was???

Well, a nice 12 year old guy named Thomas asked if the girls would like to try out his surf board when we asked him when exactly to 'catch the wave'. Both girls had several tries.
Our oldest did well and LOVED it.
Our youngest got up on her very first try, and rode in ALL the way to the beach.
It was SO fun to watch!
We can't wait to go back and try some surfing... :)

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