Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to school....bureaucracy

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned how patient I am.  
Well, to talk about it wouldn't be very humble now would it? 

Today we entered the back to school melee... 
You may remember 3 weeks ago when I dedicated almost a full week to collecting every scrap of identification we own, as well as proferring up my firstborn so that we could get the kids registered for school. 
I got it done and thought - we can enjoy summer. 
Except, they wanted records. 
Our schools we just came from were still on summer break (so no chance for getting records for a while)
And so the fun began
Kind helpful previous teachers scanned and emailed me information, and I dug through more boxes to find test scores and report cards.  Scanned it all in and said, 'phew' - glad that's over. 

Today we went to the middle school to pick up the schedule
We got in a line. 
They didn't have my child's schedule and sent us to the guidance line
(along with all of the disgruntled kids and parents who didn't get the class they wanted)
The guidance person (after the 25 minute wait) told us, 'oh no - you'll have to go to the media center for that'
We went to the media center
They were handing out numbers
we got 43

After 30 minutes of waiting we decided to head to the transportation line to figure out bussing while we waited  for our number to be called
It was only an 18 minute wait in line.

We got back to the media center in time to hear them call 20.

After another 30 minutes we headed out to some of the classes to meet the teachers.  We figured we had at least a 2 hour wait in front of us still. 
We did. 

All of the teachers went home at 12
At 12:30, we decided to forgo the schedule since at least I had traded my pen with a worker for information that my child wasn't even in the computer.  
She was nice enough to find the file (in an old box) and at least enter my child into the system.
We'll be back in line tomorrow. 

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