Thursday, June 2, 2011

Treasure Hunt

We celebrated our daughter's birthday and the theme was "Sugar and Spice".
For one of the activities, we had a treasure hunt.
Here are the clues we used:

Let’s get started, here we go
A treasure you will find,
if you follow all the clues,
that I have left behind.
Ring Ring, Hello,…hello…, hello? If you need to find the phone, where would you go?

If you like to play a song, you’ll sit on me to play.   I keep your music safe and warm – hurry and don’t delay!

I’m a favorite toy, for boys and girls alike, I’m always found outside you know, and I’ll bounce you if you’d like!

If you’d like to watch a show, or relax a bit, you’ll have to climb a lot of stairs – I hope you are feeling fit!

If you push and pump with me, you’ll soar into the sky.  Your next clue is under me – I can’t wait to say hi!

If you’d like to dig a hole, or build a sand castle or two, climb my steps and there you’ll find your next awaiting clue.

Are you thirsty?  Do you need a drink?  On a hot summer day, I’m your pal.  Just stay outside and turn me on and watch me gush, oh wow!
Congratulations – you are almost there.  This is your very last clue.  You’ll need me if you bake a cake, but bring your hot pads too!

Once they got to the oven, they found a tray full of cupcakes for them to frost and decorate. 
The birthday girl got a JUMBO cupcake!  

Pics to follow. 

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