Sunday, May 29, 2011

More South Carolina

On Friday we spent the day driving around, orienting ourselves with the area, and in the afternoon we headed to the nearby temple.  We had a great experience there, and then headed out for some grub.

On our way there, we got completely stuck in a raging rain storm and ended up pulling off the road to wait it out.

We ended up at a barbecue place that had been recommended.
I ordered the buffet so that I could try out everything and then some.  It was so fun.  I ended up trying out grits with shrimp gravy (you kind of mix it together - good thing the kitchen helper guy was there to explain how to put everything together!), shrimp, squash casserole, broccoli casserole, okra, hash, bbq pork, mac'n'cheese (with pimentos - which is all the rage apparently).  Just a taste of everything.  My husband went for the ribs.  We loved trying to figure out what the side dishes actually were - when my husband ordered okra, the waitress said 'oh yeah, something normal'...we laughed since okra isn't really normal for us.  

Hash & Rice, Collards, Rice & Gravy Okra, Sweet Potato French Fries, Succatash, Okra & Tomatoes...yep..those were all of the foreign foods.  And, it just seems weird to have cabbage on a menu at a restaurant - unless it is in sauerkraut on a hot dog!
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