Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fire drill and a cake

This evening we had some friends over for dinner. At one point, my husband stook up to let someone get past, or to let the cat in or out (I'm not sure and frankly it isn't relevant). What is relevant however is that he got up, and pushed his chair back behind him. As he stood, we heard a horrific screech. Honestly, it sounded like our cat accidentally getting under foot, but 100 times worse.
We all turned to see what had made the dreadful noise, and saw a cloud of something floating in the air.

My husband had accidentally pushed his chair into the fire extinguisher that sits near the fridge on the floor. For some reason (or another) the pin had been pulled, and when his chair pushed back, a nice stream of fire extinguishing material coated (literally) our kitchen floor.

The very dark spot just above our rug, is where the rug was moved - showing the floor's true color - sans fire retardant.
Please don't notice the chopped spinach pieces on the floor that my daughter dropped while she was helping out in the kitchen.

I love that our guests were pretty unflappable. After a jolt and a laugh, they all continued to converse and eat as if nothing had happened. Never mind their teeth chattering and the shivers as they tried to keep warm while we tried to clear the air.

As you may know, (or may not) we've recently been playing with cake decorating techniques.
While we've done frosting roses in the past, they've always been with royal icing.
I also tried out a basket weave technique that I'd never done before. Next time, I'll make my weave much tighter. It isn't amazing, but not too shabby for my first time. The buttercream roses were definitely a new adventure as well.

This is what my birthday cake made by me looked like.

Yeah - that isn't the best side, but it was the best photo for posting...

Sorry, there's no number in there if you were looking for it. Just a random rose pattern. For the record, my husband and kids did make me a cake on the actual day. I just haven't off loaded any pictures yet.
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Caterina B said...

That was quite an evening! Thanks for the yummy dinner.

Caterina B said...

That was quite an evening! Thanks for the yummy food.