Sunday, May 29, 2011

Exhibition, and misc photos

Within the past couple of months, we celebrated my birthday...
I love it when my kids create a masterpiece for me!

Our daughter's somehow got hold of the camera and decided to take a few shots of themselves - including everything around the house as well.
She has a purple tongue...kind of like a giraffe.
Pretty flexible eh?

Our oldest daughter got to participate in a cumulative project she's been working on for several months.
Her group explored shelter as it relates to poverty.
She performed some community service, and then helped put together a very compelling presentation.
Part of the presentation was to have people take a crack at sleeping on some newspapers on a concrete floor.
They did such a great job!!

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Caterina B said...

I wonder if you know that the lovely girl on the left of your daughter suddenly had to move away last week? It's very sad when a child comes into your school for what seems like ten minutes and then leaves again, probably never to be seen again.