Sunday, February 27, 2011

Misc photos

My husband is pretty patient. I don't really think that these colors go very well with the foot hair. Poor soul - he's surrounded by estrogen. What's a guy to do?
My husband hates to get his hair cut. When it gets long enough, I threaten him with letting the girls have at him. Here's their latest creation. Needless to say, he succumbed and got his hair cut as soon as he could get the ribbons and barrettes out.
Our cat - she's not generally very patient. She especially likes to come and lay down on top of your book if you are reading, or in the middle of your game. No matter what you are doing, she wants to be part of it. Unfortunately, during the winter months, our cat gets a little stir crazy and doesn't like to be outdoors in the cold. This translates into unpredictability and crankiness. You never know when she'll actually cooperate or not. My daughter was recently playing with the dominoes, and the kitty came and interupted her play.
Apparentely, she disturbed the game (by lying on top of it) and wouldn't move. My daughter decided to just keep on going anyways...and the cat let her!
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Tisha said...

Too funny! Has he looked into a side career of being a foot model?