Monday, January 17, 2011

What we did for our MLKJR Holiday

Yay - no school today. 

So of course, my daughter woke up puking.    
It stinks (yes, all aspects of that statement - abstractly, concretely, it's entirety). 

For a couple of years, she used to wake up throwing up in the mornings once or twice a week...after a couple of hours though, she'd be fine and completely normal and driving me crazy. 

No rhyme or reason. 

Then, it magically stopped.  It seems like we've been vomit free with her for a couple of years, and then hit again during Christmas vacation....actually while we were out of town at grandma's house - on the day we planned to head back home the ugly monster reared it's head.  I'd like to think that it was because she was off of her schedule and routine or something, but she isn't today, so that one just doesn't fly.   

How awful is that - your holiday in the bathroom?  
Looks like we are looking at an official movie day today.     

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