Sunday, November 28, 2010

Never a dull moment

It seems impossible for us to head to the mid-west and NOT encounter a tornado.  This time, we thought we might be safe.  Tornado season doesn't start until around February, so we didn't even think twice about it.  Except for that white knuckle drive the day before to Carthage...I thought about it then.  We've had tornado experiences in Kansas AND Nebraska, and now had tornado adventures in Missiouri as well!  

And what an adventure.  The kids were all outside playing soccer with their uncles, my husband had taken one of our kids out to get a frozen custard treat, and I was inside taking a break from the noise, reading.  It was overcast, but still nice out.  
Suddenly, a siren began to blare, and everyone came inside.  My parents informed me that everyone had been directed to condo 103 due to the tornado warning.  
Oh the poor people in condo 103!  
We gathered there with 7-10 other families in the basement to wait out the tornado warning.  
We were everywhere - lining the walls, and the back deck...there we waited.  Good thing someone had the foresight to bring a box of legos to keep the kids somewhat happy.  
Finally, they told us the danger had passed.  We headed back to our condo. 

A short while later, it happened again.  
And then again.

We were staying at Osage Beach

When we headed to bed that night, I kept hearing the sirens and jumping up to check that it was my imagination.  I woke up very grateful that we were able to make it through the night uninterrupted.

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