Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday afternoon

Seriously, I didn't realize how yucky I've been feeling lately until I'm finally not!  It started out with a bunch of hormonal stuff since I've been messing with different medications for the past while...then it progressed into a cold..(which I'm still fighting, but am close to conquering).

While my kiddos headed to a primary activity yesterday, I cleaned out the garage.  Seriously, a huge undertaking.  HUGE.  Once the kids got home, they and my husband cleaned out the car.  I was amazed to find that my cello actually CAN fit in the trunk if there is room in the trunk for it!!  It was great to go to a wedding and not have to hit my elbow on my cello as I shifted gears for once.  :)  I was also amazed at the 5 extra loads of laundry I found hiding in the garage and car...and I was so close to being caught up.

I stayed home on Thursday and Friday of this week and cleaned out my room - top to bottom, closets included.  The study got completely cleaned (no more sheets of music floating around on the floor), and I've been doing laundry like a possessed woman.  I made my kids clean their room on Friday, and amazingly, my house (with the exception of the basement - that's on tomorrow's list) is organized and clean.  If you've been thinking of coming to would be a really great time.  I might not even stress about you coming, or about which doors your kids might open.  There you go...your open invitation to come and see me.  If your kids get toys out though - you will be held responsible - (and I might not be as nice about it as I'd like to be).

After finishing up the garage yesterday afternoon, I played for a wedding and then we headed up to see my husband's new office that his department just moved into.  Unfortunately, while we were there, something broke.  And we were there for another 3 hours - just waiting for them to figure out what was going on and try to fix it....we didn't get home until 11:30.  The kids weren't too happy about getting up to go to church early this morning.

Then the HT came this afternoon.  I was so close to falling asleep on him.  I could feel the heaviness of my eyelids and kept debating on how offended he might be if I actually dozed off during his message.  I've now hit the 5:00 debate.  Is it too late to take a nap?

Right now my husband is playing the guitar.  My oldest daughter is reading and the youngest is begging to go online to  I think I'm going to see if I can squeeze in that power nap.  Ciao!  Oh no... my child is asking us to play a can I pass on playing Settlers?  Oh that elusive nap...well...maybe next week.

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