Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tidal Wave

So we've been busy (as always) with a new project this week.
If you've ever been to our home, you know that we have VERY high ceilings. We've always had a concern over how we would clean them should we ever desire to do so.

Well...we decided to paint the inside of our home. We figured out how to paint the ceiling and we started in the front room. We put many hours into it (late, a.m. hours) and last night were able to start taking the tape from the floor and from around the windows. We figured we needed to just go room by room and try to keep as much semblance of normal as possible.

So, last night was we were busy working trying to get things back into their places, our youngest daughter asked me if she could take a bath.

My response was "sure". A short while later, I heard the water running in the bathroom. Quite a while after that, I realized that I was STILL hearing the water running in the bathroom. I mentioned it out loud and my husband went off to investigate. One of the things I love about him is that he's usually pretty even keel - it takes a LOT to get his goat. I heard the water shut off, and he returned and we resumed our work.

Later, just as I was turning off the lights and locking up, I stepped in the bathroom to turn off the light.

There, propped up against the counter was a Boogie Board.

Someone had been boogie boarding in the bathtub.

What can you do in such a situation besides laugh?

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