Monday, August 2, 2010

Recent Quilts

Well, its been that time of the year again and our county fair just ended.
I decided last year that I had so many projects, I couldn't take on too many new ones (hah) until I finished the old.

I decided to finish up several of the quilts I've had laying around (I also found a fairly inexpensive quilter who does a great job!)

I started this one probably 4 years ago. It has been hanging on my wall in our loft (unfinished) for a very long time. It is the first quilt I've ever personally machine quilted on my own. Not amazing, but I finally put the binding on it and really finished it up.

This is my retro quilt I started last fall. I love the bold funky has a spider web quilted design on the front because the entire backing is spider webs.

Here is my 5 year project! Boy did this one take a long time. 2" squares all throughout it around the stars. I finished it a LONG time ago, but had made a glaring mistake on the very first block. It took me a while (yes, like 5 years) to actually feel confident enough to pull it back apart and fix the error. Hallelujah, it is DONE! I love the contrasting colors and the light and dark. I also love that this is all batik. I've been thinking about making another one of these, to see how far I've come in the past several years. Maybe ALL of my lines would match up this time!

For the record, the quilt that I made for my mother's birthday took Class Champion at the fair!
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